• Chico UI 0.13.3

    Posted on Jun 3rd, 2013 | Comments

    Hi everyone,

    We released a new micro version and those are the bugs fixed:

    • 986 - ch.Min validator
    • 982 - Tabs: It doesn’t emit the event “select” the first time.
    • 981 - Custom validators change received value
    • 978 - Content: It doesn’t add the loading gif while it loads the content
  • Chico UI 0.13.2

    Posted on Mar 25th, 2013 | Comments

    Hi there,

    We are releasing this new version with some improvements and fixed bugs:

    • 974 - Layer: It’s closed with any element that contains the .ch-close class name.
    • 968 - Carousel: redraw() must not go to the first page after calculation.
    • 967 - Carousel: Must be able to eliminate its items.
    • 966 - Carousel: Align arrows without using inline css.
    • 960 - Wrong space between button and links in the form actions.
    • 852 - Content: Configuration with cache “false” keeps caching content.
    • 738 - isURL method isn’t supporting an specific and valid URL
  • Mesh 2.1 - Responsive Mesh

    Posted on Dec 12th, 2012 | Comments

    Hi everyone!

    We are releasing a new version of Mesh.

    Responsive Mesh

    Mesh is now simpler than the previous version and more light. But the main improvement is that Mesh is responsive.

    Let’s take a look at how the columns will be sized. The left image shows you the desktop size, and the right side shows you how it will be displayed in a devices with less than 480px.


  • Chico UI 0.13

    Posted on Dec 10th, 2012 | Comments

    Hi everyone!

    With this update, we’re bringing you a new feature and some improvements!

    New Feature


    We’re introducing the Wizard component to our CSS Library.


    Modal & New Lite Modal

    Two little improvements:

    1. The line under the heading inside the modal was deprecated.
    2. The paddings were incremented up to 20px.
    3. The actions are aligned left side instead to the center.
    4. Modal uses the ch-box-lite class instead ch-box one.

    We have added support for the Lite Modal layout.

    Important Change

    The following CSS class name has changed and it’s not backward compatible.

    ch-form-options has changed by ch-list-options

    Other Improvements

    • 778 - Typography: Create a file with typographies styles
    • 787 - Loading: It should be transparent
    • 780 - Tooltip: Merge styles with shared message boxes
    • 806 - Validation: styles were changed
    • 809 - CSS Library: general styles adaptation

    Bug Fixing, Tasks & little changes

    • 807 - Floats: the content public method doesn’t set the content when component is active Bug
    • 740 - jQuery: Update to v1.8.3
    • 776 - Delete the .ch-clearfix css class
    • 793 - JS + CSS: Deprecate the .lt-ie7 and .ie6 implementations
    • 796 - Assets: Update sprite and add the Wizard cones
  • Chico UI 0.12.2

    Posted on Nov 16th, 2012 | Comments

    Hi everyone!

    We have some improvements to the framework that requires some changes. 

    The new Content

    The Content feature manages and it is responsible for the content inside the component. Most components like Layer, Modal, Tabs, Validation, Zoom uses this feature.

    The content could be have three different sources: 

    1. DOM Element 
    2. URL
    3. String

    The DOM Element way was changed

    Now you must set the jQuery Object instead of the CSS Selector. Let’s see it in action.

    Before this change, it was like the following example.


    But now, you must set it in this as a jQuery object.


    If you are sending the options as a configuration object do the following.

    $('.layer').layer({'content': $('#layerContent')});

    Maybe you want to add a HTML fragment.

    $('.layer').layer($('<p>This is the new content!.</p>'));

    If you are instantiating a layer and store it in a variable: 

    var layer = $('.layer').layer();

    Then, from the content method you can set a different content.


    Also, the Layer allows you to change the content from the show method.


    Improvements & changes

    Validation default messages

    Now, each Validation has a default message. 

    If you set a Max validation like this:


    You will get the following:

    Component names

    To be accurate with the standards, we have changed some component names. 

    The TabNavigator component now is called Tabs and the Expando is called Expandable. 

    You should instantiate the component in this way 


    instead the old way 


    Don’t be worried, you will be able to change it progressively. The old name and the new name will be together for a few versions.

    Performance and flexibility

    We are going to change the class taxonomy and other things, to be faster, stronger, more flexible and more performant.

    In this version we:

    • started to unify the mobile and desktop framework at the same repository.
    • release a test engine using Jasmin.
    • are moving to prototype inheritance way.
    • changed the Factory.
    • deprecated the Controllers class.

    Bug Fixing


    • 774 - Tabs: When it gets its content via ajax, it doesn’t wor
    • 773 - Floats: The public “content” should be a method, like previous versions


    • 765 - Zoom is not working on IE (7,8,9)